Tradition, innovation and change ..

Turkish jewelery sector of the heart, which was established as a modest workshop in 1981, the Grand Bazaar, Turkey today and that has made its name with the point where the mounting area in the world Simple Business, the inception of preserving the modesty since it carries out its activities without compromising their principles. While integrating Traditional Turkish Jewelery with the world markets to meet the constantly changing demands of today, it has become a company that directs the market of montics today.

Jewelry and Crafts are among the important values ​​of our country. We have valuable dignitary masters and we are progressing rapidly both in technical and design. As the industry, we know and work on the aspects we already have and which we need to improve.

As Sade İş, on the way to reach our vision, maintaining the line we have by adhering to our core values ​​is the basis of our working philosophy.