Jewellery and Handcrafts are one of the significant values of our country. We have esteemed lapidaries and we are progressing quickly on the subject of technique and design. We are aware of our inadequacies and we are working on these shortcomings.

We sincerely believe that Istanbul is moving ahead in the way of being the centre of world gold sector. We also think that cultural, historical values and geographical position of our country are substantial advantages for us. The important thing is that the entire industry must be aware of this situation, show efforts and able to meet in this common purpose.

Sade İş have started out with the intention of representing our country in the best way in the international area. We are aware of the importance of ensuring absolute customer satisfaction in our business. We have combined our distinctive service quality with our various and high quality products that we obtained as a result of elaborate market research and devoted works. We have been presenting our products to our customers’ taste for many years.

We wish that Turkish jewellery sector has a more promising future in the upcoming period and we would like to express our sincere thanks to our staff working devotedly, our partners, our customers and suppliers.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the Executive Board
Mustafa AKIN