Handicrafts have a very old history in Anatolia, which is the center and even the gateway of various civilizations and cultures. All the effectiveness of the traditional taste, form and color understanding that has been going on for centuries can be seen in the works of art.

From past to present-produced jewelry and jewelry they have taken their names according to our region and Turkey have identified.


“Filigree” (Telkari) is a local decoration art made by handwork on gold or silver. Filigree art is made by melting gold and silver and turning them into wire of a certain thickness. Filigree art, in which silver or gold wires are knitted, requires great patience and meticulousness. Filigree means art made using wire as word. On the other hand, handicraft made using every wire is not filigree.

Filigree is found in many regions of Anatolia. However, the filigree art made in Mardin and Midyat has a special place. If we briefly explain the making of filigree; Melting of silver, wire drawing, pattern preparation, construction of the skeleton also called guide, filling the inside of the skeleton with thin wires with the help of double, joining and bleaching can be counted.


The knitting technique used in Trabzon mat is the knitting technique used in the making of bracelets and belts in wars. Craftsmen who came to Trabzon from the Caucasus at the beginning of the 19th century taught other craftsmen here. The knitting technique used in wars has been transformed into jewelery.


The Adana Burma (Adana twist), which belongs to the region and is named after the province, was inspired by the breeding of snakes. This type of bracelet was made by twisting two gold strings and welding the head of a snake. Although various models were produced in the past, the snake heads made in the curved twist in the models produced today have been removed and a lock system has been placed instead.

Models of Adana twist such as 7-wire, 12-wire, broken diamond and almond head are also produced.

In addition to these, there are regions in our country that are known for the production of jewelery, where hand workmanship is at the forefront, and shedding light from the past to the present.









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