One of the most important points when buying a ring is to know the ring size. The ring should be neither too tight nor too loose. It should glide gently over the finger and encircle the finger well.

There are several ways to determine ring size and we hope the guidelines outlined below will be helpful. The most reliable way to do this is to use metal ring size sets. There are three types of measurement tools used in the industry. The most well-known are the annular mandrel and the rod shaped mandrel. The third tool is the tape measure mandrel.


1.Annular mandrel: Usually made of stainless steel. There are sample rings of all sizes on a large circle. Each sample ring has its own size written on it. By trying them, you can determine the size of your finger by choosing the one that best fits your finger.

2.Rod shaped mandrel: It is usually made of stainless steel. You can determine the size by attaching a well-fitting ring to the mandrel. American, Russian and European sizes are usually written on the mandrel.

3.Tape measure mandrel: This is a strip of plastic. Millimetric measurements are written on it. When you wrap it around your finger and fit it properly, you can get the circumference of your finger in mm, then find your size from tables that convert the circumference in mm to international units of size.

If none of the above is possible, you can try one of the following methods, which may have a slight margin of error.

1.Measuring your current ring: Choose a ring that fits your finger, take a millimeter ruler and measure the inner diameter of the ring. This will give you the inner diameter of your ring in mm. You can find the diameter of the ring from the table below and determine its size. If the diameter is between two measures, choose the larger size. You can see the diameters and international sizes in the table below.

2.Measuring finger circumference: You can use a paper strip, a piece of wire or string for this. A paper strip or wire will be more convenient. Wrap one of these around your finger, make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. Mark the meeting point of the two ends, measure the part you marked with a millimeter ruler. This will give the circumference of your finger in mm. You can determine your ring size by finding your circumference from the table below. If the length is between two measures, you should choose the larger one. You can see the circumference lengths in mm and the international dimensions in the chart below.

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