The arrival of many equations that determine the value of a mysterious and precious diamond add value to the diamond.

The color, carat, clarity and cutting equation of the 4c ​​rules accepted all over the world

we can decide which diamond will be suitable for ourselves and our loved ones.

We can list the features known as 4c as follows.

1-Carat weight





Diamond measurement unit is the unit of carat weight, although the size, diameter, length and diameter values ​​are considered among the people. 5 carats correspond to 1 gr.

1 carat diamond is 0.20 gr. The carob goat horn seed used by the old diamond traders to weigh diamond is the name of the carat.

The larger a diamond is found in a single piece, the more valuable it is. For example, 0.01 carats are 100 carats of 1.00 carats.

A single stone of 1.00 KARAT is at least 10 times smaller than small stones.


Yellow, brown, black, pink, blue and white diamonds in nature determine their values ​​with rare ratios.

Pink and blue are the rarest colors. White color is classified according to the English alphabet order according to the degree of whiteness. The whiteest color is D.

D – E – F colorless G – H – I is in very light color class. The J – K colors and the yellowish colors of the stones begin to become clear.

F – G – H – I are the most preferred colors. These diamonds, which are used alone, have a white appearance.

Color differences are only noticed by comparing 2-3 colors with the upper stones.

5 stone rings


The clarity of the diamond (by looking at the fingerprints of nature) is determined. Since most of these marks are very small, they cannot be seen with the naked eye. The less spots of a diamond are, the rarer the stone!


The cut is the only feature that human beings add to the diamond. The dazzling glow of the diamond depends on the mastery of the cut and the technology used. The other features are cut from nature while the cut is cut. The round cut is the most popular among the known cuts. marquise (pointed cut on both ends), princess (square cut on top), oval and heart cut.


The fake of the diamond is usually made of moissanite, a stone close to diamond. it is very difficult to understand whether this stone is real or false, even for the people who deal with it.

So what can be done to avoid buying a stone in a diamond?

First of all, in order to understand that your diamond is real and to feel this trust, you should definitely request a certificate from the vendor company. There is an international certificate called HRD and GIA, which is the certificate given by the world international diamond council. You can ask whether it is fake.

Remember, “Every Diamond is unique like your Fingerprint” and is just for You. And it makes sense with you …

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