What is Mounting Jewellery?

In Turkey, ‘mounting’ is identified with the word ‘sade’ which means plainness. It’s also where our company name is derived from. You’re obviously curious about where the word ‘mounting’ comes from.

Monture is a French word meaning a frame on which stones are placed. It’s also used as bearer or exhibitor.

In short, we can say that we can define as a frame in which precious stones are set in.

So how should a quality mounting be?

Actually quality is what matters the most, as Sade Is Mounting Jewellery, this is the distinguishing feature from our competitors!

When we ask “What are the components that form quality?” we see that it’s the integrity of every step that fine gold passes on its way to become the end product.

We can evaluate these steps starting from the kind of alloy used, continuing with gold purity, surface finish, smoothing quality, polishing, design, ergonomics and how the professional craftsmen applies his talent, art, even their soul.

As Sade Is we always offer you a world class quality mounting while we proceed with innovation and vision of development.

With the high volume and product diversity, we managed to become the first brand that comes to mind when the subject is mountings. As Sade Is, we are always chasing to be the precursor. Via social and digital platforms, we keep on working to ease your access to our wide collection, operations and services and offer you a better customer experience.

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