Masters who make diamond simplicity are also called sadekar. Simplicity is a demanding job and mastery is important. A delegate master grows in about 5-6 years. Although it can be fabricated as a fabrication, the mold from the sadek’s hand has an important place. Computer program production machines have become widespread in recent years. But in these machines, human hand has an important place. The craftsman who gives the candle out of the machine gives the soul. The details should be given only by craftsmen. It is not preferable that the simplicity exited the machine. Good merchandise, good mold but good master. Sadekar has an important place in plain business. There are various simplicities; earrings, necklaces, solitaire, rings, etc. There are also dignitary masters who produce them. In this field, the branch is very important. Our country has a long history of knowledge and experience in this art.

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