Sade Is Mounting Jewellery has been active in the Old Bazaar, the heart of the Turkish Jewellery Sector, since 1981.
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Knowing the heardness of keeping the leadership and being a current issue all the times.
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Traditional Turkish Jewellery Sector with world markets in order to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s world.
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Jewellery and Handcrafts are one of the significant values of our country. We have esteemed lapidaries and we are progressing quickly on the subject of technique and design. We are aware of our inadequacies and we are working on these shortcomings.

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Sade Is, which can produce all kinds of items with it’s computer added machines and well trained craftsmen, consider it’s customes as it’s friends and invites them to be their first choice in the Mounting Jewellery with it’s wide range of products and commercial power and to share the happiness of success.

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